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Plumbing problems don’t have to be a nightmare. With TWS Plumbing Inc in Palmdale by your side, you can avoid the stress and headaches that come with poor workmanship. When you work with us you will only receive the solution that best fits your particular situation.

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Can’t get rid of a clogged drain?

Put down that plunger! While plungers and store-bought drain cleaners may work for the short term, the clog will likely return. These DIY remedies do not completely remove the clog but simply push it farther down the drain pipe.

What’s a better solution? Professional drain cleaning that can reach the clog, break it up, and flush it out. This will free you from recurring clogs.

Built up grime, hair, food, and other materials all contribute to clogging. All City Plumbing provides thorough inspections of affected drains to make sure we get to the source of the problem. This helps you avoid further drain issues, which in turn lowers your chances of facing a major plumbing disaster, such as an overflowing toilet.

In addition to warding off potential problems, our professional drain cleaning services also evaluate the status of your drains and pipes. If we notice root problems, cracks, or other telltale signs that your drain or sewer lines need repair or replacement, we will be able to notify you before it becomes a significant problem.

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