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Want to Avoid Clogging Problems?

Is clogging a frequent problem? There are a few things you can do to keep your disposal from clogging.

Make sure to run a good amount of hot water when you are using your garbage disposal; not only does this help items go through the disposal much more easily, but it also helps remove debris from your drain pipes.

We will not only diagnose your problem, but we can fix it right there on the spot. TWS Plumbing INC offers several options for repair to make sure your specific problem is solved as effectively as possible

A slab leak is one of the more dreaded plumbing problems. It’s hard to access, and it can be quite expensive and disruptive to repair. Because of this, some homeowners include slab leak repair in their general home insurance, but others don’t. If you live in the Antelope Valley or Santa Clarita areas and experience slab leaks without having it covered, contact TWS Plumbing INC for repair services.

Here are common questions customers often have regarding slab leaks.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

A slab leak can be caused by a faulty water line beneath the slab. The risk of a slab leak seems to be higher if the waterline is made out of cold-rolled copper piping, since this type of pipe can be warped and end up bursting.

The house settling and the freeze/thaw cycle can also put stress on the water line. If the pipe comes into contact with another type of metal, a chemical reaction can occur that can weaken the pipe. Also, a pipe that’s badly soldered can also spring a leak.

What Are Signs You Have a Slab Leak?

Several clues will be apparent if you have a slab leak.

Keep an eye out for these warning signs:

There may be wet spots on the basement floor or even puddles in the yard.

There may also be warm spots on the basement floor if the hot water line is involved.

You may see cracks in the walls or floor that may be leaking.

You may also see evidence of mold or smell a moldy odor from a carpet that’s been installed over the basement floor.

The most obvious sign will be if the leak indicator on your water meter is moving.

Where Are Slab Leaks Often Found?

Slab leaks can happen anywhere along the length of the water line, and they are notoriously hard to pinpoint. The sound of running water may not be anywhere near the actual leak itself.

Our technicians at TWS Plumbing INC use the latest technology to pinpoint the leak. We use either thermal imaging (if the leak is in the hot water line) or ultrasound techniques. Once we find the leak we can repair it using the most effective method.

Where Does the Plumbing Burst?

A pipe made out of cold-rolled copper is flexible, which makes it easier to install beneath the concrete slab. However, this means that it can crimp. If there’s enough stress, the pipe can burst at the crimp. A pipe can also start to leak at a point where it’s soldered.

The quicker a slab leak is dealt with, the less damage it will incur and the less money it will cost to repair.

Toilet repair/Replacement

Your toilet is like a car: we want to make sure it is running properly so it can always do its job. There is nothing worse than having a toilet that is off limits in a home.

Toilet issues in your home or commercial property can lead to significant problems. It can be as small as a toilet that continues to run, or as problematic as frequent clogging. Either way, it is inconvenient to have a toilet out of order. That’s why we provide fast solutions for our customers in the Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hills, Little Rocks, Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita, Lake Los Angeles areas.

What are Signs Your Toilet Needs Repair?

If your toilet is constantly clogging, contact your plumber for help. We will inspect your toilet and let you know what’s causing the problem.

In many cases, it’s just old age; as toilets get old, they start to develop debris inside that is difficult to clean out. The first step is to try and clean it and see if that can solve the problem. We want to make sure the toilet isn’t the issue before we move on to another solution.

Another problem to check for in your toilet is rust buildup in the tank. Make sure your tank looks clean and isn’t developing rust problems. Over time, this can cause your toilet to start leaking. If you have a rusty tank or a leaking toilet, call us for an inspection.

Make sure you aren’t wasting money on running water and contact your plumber for an immediate assessment. It may not seem like a lot of water, but if a running toilet doesn’t shut off, it can be wasting several gallons of water each day.

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