Importance of Sewer Inspections

Sewer Problems?

Sewer Inspections are an easy and affordable alternative to waiting until it’s too late because sewer inspections can lead to sewer repairs which can be time consuming and also very expensive.

Why should I have my sewer inspected? The answer is simple..

The sewer is one of the most integral systems in your home and therefore sewer inspections should be performed regularly by a qualified technician. Many homeowners don’t consider the condition of their sewer, until it goes bad. Grease build up, root intrusions, cracked lines and bad joints can all prevent waste from flowing freely from your home to the city sewer systems. There are some easy preventative measures you can take to ensure you aren’t plagued by stoppages, back-ups or floods.

Dumping grease down the drain can cause serious sewer problems.

The biggest no-no you can make is dumping loads of grease down your drains. Grease from cooking should NEVER make its way into your kitchen waste lines. Grease, poured into your drains, sticks to the insides of sewer and waste lines. It hardens and causes restriction of water and waste flow and can be almost impossible to remove! While there are some chemicals you can use to help break down greasy build up, those chemicals are harsh and caustic. They cause your lines to weaken and break over time, making costly sewer repairs necessary.

As we say at TWS Plumbing, know your grease habits!


Sewer Repair Services

Sewer Repairs are No Fun

Sewer Lines with Root Intrusions

Another common cause of sewer malfunction are root intrusions from nearby landscaping, specifically tree roots. We live in a dry climate, this should not come as a shock to anyone. Our trees get thirsty and seek out the easiest most reliable source of water, which is often your sewer line. Roots will grow into the tiny, tight joint spaces in your sewer line. Once they’ve found an opening, they grow fast and deep. If roots are allowed to take over, stoppages become common and if it persists, costly sewer repairs or even full replacements are the end result.

What can you do?

If your home has been plagued by stoppages or back-ups, we recommend a thorough camera inspection of all waste and sewer lines. Our camera can fit down any pipe or access clean-out, 1.5” diameter or larger. With our camera technology, we can determine the condition of your sewer, identify any problem areas and provide homeowners with the appropriate next steps. To clear a line of excessive grease buildup, we recommend blasting away deposits with our hydro-jet line cleaning service. Hydrojetting uses a 4000 psi stream of water to break apart built up grease, debris, roots and anything else lurking on the inner walls of your sewer lines. We typically recommend performing a camera inspection in conjunction with the hydro-jet service to ensure lines are fully cleared.

TWS Plumbing Inc, advises all homeowners to have their sewers evaluated every 3-5 years, depending on the age of the home. If your home was built before 2004 and you’ve never had your sewer lines serviced, you could be looking at some potential issues in the future.

We also highly recommend that any person, looking to purchase a new home, have a full camera inspection performed. All real estate transactions require a home inspection, however, that does not include the sewer lines typically. There is nothing worse than making a big investment, like buying a new home, only to find out that your sewer needs torn up and replaced only weeks or months later.

Call TWS Plumbing today, at 661-236-6089, to schedule your sewer inspection before a sewer gone bad catches you by surprise. Ask about our Hydrojet service specials to get ready for the holiday season and ring in the new year, with a little less stress to handle.