Sprinkler System Winterizing Services

Sprinkler System Rebuild

Winterizing Sprinkler Systems Annually, Prevents Costly Repairs and Rebuilds

Winter is coming! Protect your sprinklers system from freezing weather and expanding water with TWS Plumbing Inc’s Sprinkler Winterizing Services.

Winterizing your lawn sprinkler system can eliminate costly repairs and headaches in the springtime. Water left in the pipes of your sprinkler system can freeze when temperatures dip causing damage to the entire system. Winterizing your sprinkler system involves removing all water from the pipes so they cannot expand and cause damage when freezing temperature hit.

Winterizing Service includes:

  • Removal of backflow device
  • Drain service line to backflow
  • Blow all water out of the sprinkler system
  • Regulate air pressure not to exceed 50PSI
  • Use large volume air compressors
  • Walking the system as we winterize to inspect for any needed repairs that will be noted on your invoice for spring repairs.
  • Deactivation of pumps if used on system
  • Each zone will be activated a minimum of two times with a rest period between

Sprinkler winterizing is also called blowing out the sprinkler system and irrigation blow-out, it just depends on where you live and which plumbing company you work with.

When should you turn off your sprinkler system and have us blow out the sprinklers?

The best time to schedule your yearly sprinkler system winterizing service is when you are done watering for the season and before the temperatures start to drop.

Need your sprinkler system winterized? The professionals at TWS Plumbing Inc can handle sprinkler winterizing as well as servicing and repair to your sprinkler system.


In addition to sprinkler systems, we also winterize irrigation systems both large and small. If you need your irrigation system winterized or blown out, contact us today at 661-236-6089.


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