Slab Leak Repair in Palmdale & Lancaster CA

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TWS Plumbing Inc is a local plumbing company offering slab leak repair in Palmdale & Lancaster, CA. We are available 24/7 so that we can make the repair before more extensive and costly damage occurs.


What causes a slab leak?

Corrosion – Water passing through pipes, combined with water in the soil around the pipes, causes a chemical reaction. This reaction then leads to corrosion. Many older homes feature pipes made of copper or galvanized metal, two materials that are especially prone to corrosion. Holes in the waterline are formed in corroded pipes, leading to lower water pressure and damage to the building’s slab.

Vibrations – Running water can also cause pipes to vibrate, a movement that is more damaging when the temperature of that running water also causes the pipes to expand or contract. These combined movements can force those pipes to shift into spaces not originally intended for them. For example, expanding pipes could start to rub against surrounding materials, other water lines and the slab itself. Repeat shifts can lead to cracks and leaks in these pipes.

Poor construction – When your property was constructed, the builders may have improperly insulated or incorrectly supported the pipes under the slab. Without the proper installation, those waterlines could receive too much pressure and crack.


If you think you may have one of these issues with your slab, you should call us immediately to come and check out your property:

☑ Increased water bills
☑ Unexplained sounds of running water
☑ Unexplained plumbing noises, especially when no water is running
☑ Mildew or mold under installed carpets
☑ Warm spots on the floor
☑ Visible shifts in the slab
☑ Cracks in the walls or floors

Do not delay, call TWS Plumbing Inc in Palmdale & Lancaster to verify your leak and find the best course of action for repair. Leaving a damaged water line under your property is never a good idea. The longer you wait, the more damage the slab leak will create.

Call us at 661-236-6089 for immediate service.