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Repipe vs. Pipelining: Which is best for you?

Failure of your sewer line will require immediate repair or replacement. Some of the signs of a problem are: leaks, corrosion, rust or bad smell, pinhole leaks, slab leaks, low water pressure, water meter moving when water is off, mold or water stains, warm spot in your floor or bursting of pipes.

If you are not sure whether your home is a candidate for pipelining or if a complete repipe is the best solution, our expert at TWS Palmdale Plumbing will assess your particular situation and provide you with options.

Leaking & Broken Pipe Repair


We have been providing customers in the Palmdale & Lancaster community with expert repiping services for over ten years. Whether you are dealing with a ruptured line or an old or corroding system, our skilled plumbers are here to assist you. Damaged pipes can cause many serious issues in and around your home, destroying property and putting you and your family at risk. By better understanding your piping system and being aware of some telltale signs of trouble, you will know if it is time to contact our plumbing specialists for professional service.

When should you repipe your house?

Some signs to look out for are:

• Backflow From Drains
• Low Water Pressure Throughout Home
• Water Pooling In Your Yard
• Foul Odors Around Your Property
• Patches Of Dead Landscaping

What causes polybutylene pipes to fail?

A public water supply can actually cause severe damage to polybutylene pipes if it contains significant levels of oxidants like chlorine and fluoride. Although these chemicals are used in water treatment, they can also have a negative impact on your polybutylene piping system, as they could cause a reaction that leads to a buildup of scale that can potentially fracture your pipes. If polybutylene pipes are exposed to sunlight before being installed it can cause the entire system to fail. The exposure to sunlight and harsh chemicals used in pipe treatment will lead to premature aging and eventually warrant the need for a full replacement.

How can you save money by repiping with copper and PEX?

Copper pipes are more resistant to corrosion. These resilient pipes are capable of withstanding high levels of pressure and extreme conditions. The very design of the copper system makes for an easier installation than other types of pipes.

PEX piping can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures. PEX pipes are also highly adaptable to a range of installation conditions. This style of piping can also be combined with metal or PVC. PEX piping is resistant to cracking, which reduces the chances of a leak. Additionally, PEX piping is affordable and very easy to install.

For expert repiping services, contact the skilled plumbers at TWS Palmdale Plumbing at 661-236-6089.

Repiping & Pipe Repair Services
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We have been providing customers in the Palmdale & Lancaster community with expert repiping services for over ten years. Plumbing specialists at 661-236-6089.